Papahanaumokua'kea Marine national
monument (Hawaii) and American Samoa
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Yuri N3QQ, Dick N7RO Mr. Ty Benally, FWS, Ms. Lasha-Lynn Salbosa. NOAA Policy and
Permit Specialist during meeting June 2012 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Northwest Hawaiian islands include ten islands:

Nihoa, Necker Island, French Frigate Shoals, Gardner Pinnacles, Maro Reef, Laysan Island,
Lisianski Island, Pearl and Hermes Atoll, Midway Atoll, and Kure Atoll

Our plans call for September-October 2014 period multi island expedition.

With start from Kauai potential stops are:
French Frigate Shoals, Laysan Island and may be Lisianski Island or/and Pearl and Hermes

End point is Midway Atoll and flight back with charter aircraft to Honolulu.
All plans and destinations are subject to approval of Special Use Permit application and
subject to change.

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Pahananaumokua'kea Marine National Monument

Besides activating very rare and possibly New-One IOTA islands our group will include
world’s leading wildlife cinematographer, who shot many Emmy Award-winning films to
meet one of goals of National Monument  "To bring islands to
the people".

American Samoa Rose atoll expedition is also subject to Special Use Permit approval and
no dates set yet.

To meet with FWS officials we may visit Pago-Pago this winter and will operate on 160m
from Tutuila island.

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